At EO, we already have a vast selection of circuit protection products from all the best brands, Schneider, Wylex, Crabtree Find an Electrician

, Eaton, the list could go on. Boards, RCBOs, RCDs, SPDs, we have it all! So we thought to ourselves, how could we possibly improve upon this perfect range of products? As they say, if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.


Well, we had a brainstorm, and came up with an innovative solution to provide better prices in a more streamlined process, which allows YOU, the customer, to create your own custom package while saving money at the same time. Introducing….

That’s right, we have now added a new tool which allows you to pick and mix your own circuit protection products into your very own kit. If you’re not a fan of the kits we already have on offer, well, now there’s no issue. You can simply create your own kit however you may like it.


You might be asking yourself, why should I create a kit when I can just add up all the bits and pieces I need into my cart and make a purchase that way? At EO, we can offer better prices when you create a full custom made quality, as we are happy to offer discounted prices for large orders such as a full kit. If you were to simply add all the items you need to your cart, then you will find out very quickly that your losing out on savings. By simply building up your own kit the total price will be much lower, as a reward for buying such a quantity from us.



In the past, if you wanted to save on a big order, you would have to contact us and wait for us to get back to you. This adds more time onto the process, making things more difficult for you and leaving you waiting longer for your goods, but now, this brand new, quick and easy process cuts out the need for such a time consuming exercise. Just create your kit, order up, and save cash. Simple.





Wondering what products this kit covers? For now, we only have kits for Wylex & Crabtree products, however more will be on the way shortly as we aim to continue these additions in the future.



To start off we have stuck with the circuit protection sector, a popular choice for kits in the online electrical market, although we assure you many more kit offers will be on the way in other sectors such as lighting, tools, wiring and more, if the above kits don’t interest you.



So, now that our new creation has successfully launched on our website, we think it’s time you give it a go. Don’t worry, this new feature is tried and tested by our team. All you have to do is follow the simple steps below and you’ll have your custom made order on your way in no time!


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