Creative Online Fundraiser Ideas for Schools



In an increasingly digital world, schools are leveraging the power of the internet to raise funds for various educational initiatives. Online fundraisers have proven to be not only effective in generating financial support but also engaging and interactive for students, parents, and the community at large. From crowdfunding campaigns to virtual events, schools now have a plethora of innovative options to choose from when seeking financial assistance. In this article, we’ll explore some creative online fundraiser ideas that can help schools reach their fundraising goals while fostering a sense of community and excitement.

  1. Crowdfunding Campaigns

Crowdfunding has emerged as a fundraising companies for schools  and effective way for schools to raise funds online. Platforms like Kickstarter, GoFundMe, and DonorsChoose allow schools to create campaigns for specific projects or needs. Whether it’s purchasing new technology, funding extracurricular activities, or supporting classroom supplies, crowdfunding allows schools to reach a wide audience and encourage small contributions that can add up to a significant amount.

  1. Virtual Fun Runs or Walkathons

Transform traditional school fundraisers like fun runs or walkathons into virtual events. Participants can register online, track their activity using fitness apps, and engage in friendly competition. Supporters can pledge donations based on the distance covered or simply make a flat donation. This approach allows for greater participation flexibility, as supporters can take part from anywhere in the world.

  1. Online Auctions

Host an online auction featuring donated items, services, or experiences from local businesses, parents, and supporters. The auction can run for a set period, allowing participants to bid on items they’re interested in. This approach not only generates funds but also provides exposure for local businesses and artists, fostering community connections.

  1. Virtual Talent Show or Showcase

Tap into the talents of students and teachers by organizing a virtual talent show or showcase. Participants can submit videos of their performances, whether it’s singing, dancing, playing an instrument, or showcasing artwork. Family and friends can watch the performances by making a donation to access the virtual event.

  1. Online Workshops and Classes

Leverage the expertise of teachers, parents, or community members to offer online workshops and classes. Topics could range from cooking and crafts to fitness and academic enrichment. Participants can register and make a donation to join the sessions, with the added benefit of gaining new skills and knowledge.

  1. Digital Cookbook or Recipe Book

Compile favorite recipes from students, parents, and teachers into a digital cookbook or recipe book. Sell the cookbook online, and the proceeds can go towards the school’s fundraising goal. This not only raises funds but also creates a sense of unity and sharing within the school community.

  1. Online Trivia Night or Game Tournament

Host an online trivia night or gaming tournament where participants can compete for prizes while making donations to the school. This approach taps into the growing trend of virtual social gatherings and can attract participants of all ages.

  1. Virtual Art Show or Exhibition

Highlight the creativity of students by organizing a virtual art show or exhibition. Students can submit their artwork digitally, and supporters can view the pieces by making a donation. This not only raises funds for the school but also provides a platform for budding artists to showcase their talents.


The digital age has opened up a world of possibilities for schools to raise funds online through creative and engaging initiatives. Whether it’s harnessing the power of crowdfunding, hosting virtual events, or tapping into the skills and talents of the school community, these online fundraiser ideas offer a new way to connect, contribute, and support educational endeavors. By embracing technology and innovative approaches, schools can reach their fundraising goals while fostering a strong sense of community involvement and pride.

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