10 Unique Church Youth Fundraiser Ideas for Teens

Fundraising is a great way for church youth groups to raise money for various activities, missions, and outreach programs. To make fundraising more engaging and enjoyable for teens, consider these 10 unique church youth fundraiser ideas:

  1. Themed Dinner Night: Host a themed dinner night at the church or a local venue. Teens can participate in planning, cooking, and serving meals that align with the theme. Charge an entrance fee for attendees to enjoy the meal and entertainment.
  2. Outdoor Movie Night: Set up an outdoor movie screening in the church courtyard or a nearby park. Teens can sell tickets, popcorn, and snacks to raise funds while families enjoy a movie under the stars.
  3. Talent Show: Organize a talent show where youth group members can showcase their skills in singing, dancing, comedy, or other talents. Charge an admission fee for attendees and offer prizes for the best acts.
  4. Car Wash and Oil Change: Host a car wash and oil change event in the church parking lot. Teens can wash cars and offer oil changes with the help of volunteers who are skilled in car maintenance.
  5. Escape Room Challenge: Create an escape room experience within the church premises. Participants pay to enter and work together to solve puzzles and escape within a certain time frame.
  6. Art Auction: Encourage artistic talents within the youth group by hosting an art auction. Teens can create and donate their artwork, which can then be auctioned off to raise funds.
  7. Bake Sale with a Twist: Instead of a traditional bake sale, organize a bake-off competition among the youth group members. They can bake their specialties, and attendees can purchase a taste-test ticket to sample and vote for their favorite treats.
  8. Trivia Night: Host a trivia night with questions related to Bible knowledge, pop culture, or general knowledge. Teams can pay an entry fee to participate, and winners can receive prizes.
  9. Gaming Tournament: Organize a video game or board game tournament. Participants pay an entry fee, and winners can receive prizes or gift cards.
  10. Community Service Fundraiser: Instead of raising money for the youth group directly, organize a community service fundraiser. Teens can offer services like lawn care, house cleaning, or babysitting in exchange for donations. The funds can then be used for community outreach programs.

Remember to involve the teens in the planning and execution of these church youth fundraiser ideas to make them more invested and enthusiastic about the fundraising efforts. Additionally, promoting the events within the church community and beyond can help maximize participation and fundraising success.


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